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Fossil Thorns – Thorny Success Report 6

THORNY SUCCESS as our new finds in chalky cliffs near Dover (Cretaceous) boost our research even more on evidence for rapid catastrophic flood dump formation of strata around the world. Left you see a beautiful shark’s tooth above a plant fragment, which after excavation reveals what appears to be a fossil thorn (below). Two reasons this is so upsetting to our evolutionist friends: firstly you shouldn’t find land plants next to sea creatures, unless you have water flooding the land and dumping in the sea.
Secondly to find fossil thorns no matter what they are mixed with, tells you that this is a post Adam deposit. God made the world very good and there were no sharp thorny projections prior to Adam’s sin. Yes we even upset many of the saints who don’t take their Bible as real history and bow their knee to the world when it comes to thinking about rocks, instead of making the rock experts bow the knee to the living Rock who is Jesus Christ, who tells us the truth always.

Pray for us as the Lord blesses us abundantly with rocks that cry out His praises. Ask for wisdom and good eyes to continue finding them, and for the ever increasing need of storage and museum display space.


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