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Up till now Canadian Evolutionists have claimed the world’s ‘oldest’ fossil thorny land plants are found in Devonian rocks in Quebec (above left A). Its saw-toothed appearance has been very aptly named Sawdonia. Now check right hand pictures (B, C, D & E) for what John Mackay found in ‘Ordovician’ Limestone in Tennessee, buried with fossil sea shells, corals and other marine fossils. Using text book dates, it beats the Canadian claim, by being found in rocks ‘claimed to be 100 million years older!’ Yes, John has all specimens.

You will smile at comments from the first Canadian Geology Prof (a paleobotanist) who I visited to show this find … “There’s no way that rock can be Ordovician as Sawdonia didn’t evolve till the Devonian.”
The fact that when I found this specimen I was accompanied by a local USA geologist who spent his career working for the Tennessee Division of Geology, which officially classifies the rock layer containing the specimens as ‘Ordovician’. This was like water off a ducks back to the Canadian Geology Professor.

Perhaps the fact that Canadians would lose the record is his motivator… but in reality he was so married to the theory of evolution he had divorced reality. He was glued to the fallacy that fossils determine the age of the rock and evolution determines the age of the fossils. The reality is that actual fossils are found in real rocks, so we must face the fact as to which rock sits below or above which next real rock. The theory has nothing to do with the truth. But don’t miss the real point! Given what God tells us about thorns being part of the penalty for sin, all rocks with fossil thorns formed only AFTER the first man Adam sinned … not 450 million years ago at all. God’s Word the Bible, is the actual history of real sin, physical death and sharp thorns, and that’s why Jesus physically died with such sharp thorns on His head. They were the first thing to make Him shed His blood for us.

All you old earth and theistic evolutionists who claim to believe the Bible, it’s time to fess up …your faith is really in man’s theories. You don’t actually really believe God’s Word is true from the beginning. This exciting discovery by Creation Research, really pokes large holes in your misplaced faith in the humanist’s millions of years and you need to abandon it ..Now! Then you can really share that Christ rose so we could inherit a new heavens and earth where there will be no more thorns or death!

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