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‘TUESDAY 5TH NOVEMBER 2019, John Mackay found this spiny fossil plant in Ordovician limestone in Middle Tennessee (TN)..(‘Impossible’; according to an evolutionist Prof we showed it to. Evolutionist thinking claims the ‘first’ spiny looking land plant SAWDONIA didn’t evolve till way up in the Devonian (416 evolutionist million years ago), some 44 million e-years after our finds in the Middle Ordovician (460 million e-yrs ago).

Note also the layer seems to be full of tiny black spines that have broken off as the multiple lycopod type spiny land plants washed in,  producing a parallelism of the stems, indicating a direction of flow. Of the several hundred specimens we have now found at this location, all show flow deposition. 

Our multiple thorny/spiny plant finds in the Ordovician rocks now hold 2 world records as a)‘the oldest land plant fossils (in evolutionary terms) as well as b) the oldest spiny plant specimens. The Irish plant fossil Cooksonia (Middle Silurian – 425 million yrs old) is the closest competitor for ‘first’ land plant, but that would date it some 35 million e-years after our finds. So either the mapping and e-dating of the whole area is wrong from lower Ordovician to Devonian to Mississippian (no Silurian is present in Eastern Tennessee) as indicated on current TN Division of Geology maps, and/or we need a radical revision of evolutionary history. We have walked this whole sequence and confirmed it visually in many locations east of Nashville. This Middle Tennessee limestone rock is also full of sea shells and corals, so we know the spiny land plants were washed in.

A BIBLICAL CHALLENGE … these layers containing thorns formed only after Adam sinned. The reason Jesus wore a crown of thorns is related to Adams sin bringing the first thorns onto the planet.

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