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Click for more Fossil Thorns exposing the nonsense of millions of years to make fossil records FOSSIL THORN REPORTS 

Joseph Hubbard (above) is the first member of our team to find fossil thorns in the coal layers of Tennessee where John and the USA team have been excavating for some 30 years. Pictured below is the first example of a Neuropteris stem we’ve found in middle Tennessee showing the presence of thorns. See diagrammatic illustration of this historically recognised fern with thorns. John Mackay has found it in Canada, England and other countries, but not previously in Tennessee. It means these rocks in Tennessee were formed after Adam sinned and God cursed the ground with stones.

It was also great when John picked over two slabs in a abandoned coal mine dump and found both sides of an fossil amphibian footprint track (below right). Your support and your prayers enable us to continue to find world-class specimens. No you haven’t seen things like this in your local secular museum, so look what God is doing for us! Get behind our museum projects. They will only succeed with your finance, your support, and your prayers.

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