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THIS FOSSIL THORN seems to be another first find blessing as John Mackay and Joseph Hubbard spent a day at one of our famous vertical fossil tree sites at Newcastle NSW. Our discovery seems to be the first fossil thorn found in Newcastle Coal seams (top right) that we can track in any official records.

This was soon followed by a second one (left) with an even clearer view of a stem with thorns. The stem structure shows it appears to be a Neuropteris seed fern species, previously not recorded at this site nor any equivalent site Australia wide. Potentially this may even be a new species… see one of our previous Neuropteris finds from Canada (bottom left) and classic Neuropteris diagram (bottom left).

The significance of these fossil thorns is twofold: 1) they represent a breakthrough for research in Australia, particularly if it’s a new species; 2) they represent a kick in the teeth for all theistic evolutionists who argue God used millions of years of evolution to create, then have the audacity to say they believe the Bible as a history of salvation. But the Biblical history of salvation, is a history of real people in real time, with a real problem called sin, in need of a real Saviour Jesus, who died with ‘real thorns’ on His head, because thorns and sin are related. The first Adam sinned and thorns are one result. The last Adam (Christ) died to deal with all consequences of sin ..thorns included. Real thorns did not come onto this planet until after man was created, so theistic evolutionists spit in the face of the Creator Christ with their man honouring theories.

There are certain things we notice when we present this material – we bring down the wrath of geologists and old earthers, not because we’ve been the first to find fossil thorns in Australia, but because the rocks are listed as 255 million years old. These thorns not only challenge that, but worse they expose the authority that evolutionists, geologists and old earthers rarely confess they submit to.
We have noticed over and over again, that geologists don’t care how old the rocks are! They have changed the age of strata around the planet many times, including coal bearing rocks. So I repeat: they don’t care how old the rocks are – they only care how old the rocks aren’t! That’s why the official definition of a fossil states it “must be older than 10,000 years”. Why 10,000? Because even the most lenient sceptic knows you’re hard pushed to get any more than 10,000 years in Biblical chronologies from Adam to the present, even if you stretch credulity with claimed gaps. So any date for a rock is OK, except those that fit the Biblical record given to man by the One Holy and Righteous Creator God. The thorns really are a proof that the coal bearing rocks of Newcastle Australia are not more than 200 million years old, but less than 6000 years.
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