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THORNY RESEARCH. Our USA team, Bob Powell and Robert Stewart along with John Mackay, found a fabulous fossil in a previously unknown location. It was just around the corner from Ex-Vice President Al Gore’s property in Tennessee. What was found? One specimen of great new fossil thorns, but as we only found one specimen, we couldn’t do a great deal with it. We circulated pictures to experts and the common consensus was that we needed to find more to prove our point beyond a shadow of a doubt.

On our last October trip we went specifically praying out loud and together; “Lord Jesus we need to find more specimens here”. We found 10 within the next hour. All from the same location where fossil thorns had never before been found. After repeated visits to that site, photographing the entire rock cutting face, and correlating where it is exactly in the geologic column, we now can prove it is much lower in the geologic column. Our find is the Ordovician and their oldest is in the Devonian – 70 million years lower in the evolutionist’s eyes.

what is the importance of this research? Creation Research exists to insist that only a Biblical perspective on the whole of Creation will really work. The atheist humanist evolutionist perspective will fail and let man down miserably.

The significance? Those theologians who insist you can’t read Genesis as real history, need to get the point. God’s Word always turns out to be true and seeing through a Biblical perspective will always be best. So what is the Biblical perspective on thorns? There were none in the beginning. Thorns only came after man sinned and God’s judgment cursed the planet. Therefore thorns found in the fossil record, tell you that all layers above this formed only after Adam had sinned. In other words, from Ordovician layers up in the geologic column, the rocks are less than 10 thousand, indeed even less 5 thousand years old. It is time to jump up and down about foolish theologians who pretend to be evangelical Bible believing who despite claiming to believe inerrancy of scripture, actually believe in the inerrancy of man – man’s millions of years, is their authority. It’s time to turf such the theistic evolutionists out of positions of influence in the so called evangelical world.