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Natural gas, coal and oil all show the evidence of being produced from plant and animal products that were flood dumped. Most deposits we have checked, particularly coal and gas, show the presence of volcanic ash clays which has given us a new low tech, low energy production technique.

Above you will see our first application for production and storage of natural gas materials at Jurassic Ark. Students really do enjoy us proving the gas is methane – it burns at high temperatures with a bright blue flame and no odour (right).

The secular world with its millions of years slow swamp produced coal – gas, and “we don’t want pollution” mentalities – sadly shows little interest. Praise the Lord He will continue to raise up funds as our work which is primarily designed to ensure people can have safe classroom models to show you don’t need a long time – you need the right process, and Noah’s Flood was the best for producing massive coal, oil and gas fields which we still benefit from. Thanks to Selwyn for the Engineering.

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