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RECORD GROWTH Sceptics claim bridge stalactites only grow a maximum of one centimetre per year, yet our stalactite making machine is growing them at five to ten centimetres per year. They started growing on the 1st of October 2015. Look at the progression from 31st October, 2015 to February, 2016. We prepared a wick for the stalactites to drip from, but not only did the stalactites start growing downward from the bottom of the wick, they also began growing up the wick to join to the bottom of the cement trough, where our limestone shells and mulch are. We are sure, the mulch is providing bacteria which are accelerating growth. This is world leading research. Colour differences above are caused by changing amounts of organic material.

SCEPTICS CLAIM bridge and concrete stalactites are not made of the same material as cave stalactities (calcium carbonate). Just to prove our material is turning into calcium carbonate – Fred Dainty (above left), is making samples of the various types of cements we’re using. John Mackay’s grandson Ben van Rhyn is testing them with hydrochloric acid. The bubbles in the third specimen, show that within half an hour of formation, ordinary cement reacts with CO2 in the air to produce a layer of calcium carbonate or limestone.

Public testing of our stalactites above produces the same bubbles, conclusively showing they are made of calcium carbonate (limestone).

PROFESSOR ANDY McINTOSH commented we need to get all this research written up – and he’s right. Keep your support up, so we have the time to not just record this filmwise but to get it all written up and referenced and published. Thanks for your encouragement.

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