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The beautiful diamond droplet of water from the stalactite (above) is what dripped on the ball of wool held by our curator Daryl (below) who is responsible for maintaining these experiments once we set them up. This wool ball had been put in place 3 months earlier underneath the dripping stalactite. It is now rock solid. It hasn’t taken time to petrify, it has taken minerals. As you can see (bottom) some of the wool has missed out on the minerals and is still flexible, while the rest is becoming more solid limestone.

Even though “experts” like the title “permineralization”, and pretend it is not petrification they are fooling themselves. This field worker has seen even trees totally petrified by limestone, Any process that replaces or infills the original substance with a mineral, be it limestone, iron or silica, is petrification. The word simply means, turn to stone, and limestone is a stone. But the point of these experiments is to expose the common text book brain washing that rocks take vast ages to form. This is just nonsense. I repeat: rocks don’t take time, they take a process. When you have the right process they hardly take any time at all. Pray for our novel research on the role bacteria are playing in these “tites.”

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