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One year ago (October 2015) we set up the world first stalactite machine at Jurassic Ark which has been growing stalactites rapidly at around 1cm per month since then. This makes nonsense of evolutionist claims that Tites grow so slowly, and caves are vast ages, therefore the Bible cannot be historically true.

One criticism came in which we have spent the last 2 months seriously testing: “Your tites are irrelevant since your experiment has cement in it and that’s what’s causing the rapid growth, and caves are not made of cement but of limestone!”

Enter the second tite machine made without any cement and only containing crushed limestone and shells as found in limestone, along with organic mulch as found on all limestone surfaces above caves. We are thrilled to report this also started to grow Calcium Carbonate stalactites within a week of being started up. Now look at the beautiful and unusual results (right) as the mulch produces a black coating of tannins over the white limestone stalactites, and yet look at the rainbow colours as the interference patterns on the crystals produce beautiful rainbows which are probably due to the production of an organic limestone known as aragonite. The whole aim of these experiments is to show folks that one of the devil’s smartest lies is to substitute time for process. It’s a lie most fall for and undermines any confidence they have in God’s Word. Whether its caves or Creation ..time is the least important aspect. The right process is the key!

You ask – how does it work? At present all the evidence is pointing to bacteria in the mulch causing the rapid formation of calcium carbonate tites. Pray for our bacterial analyst Dr. Paul as he isolates the bacteria responsible. Now think of Noah’s Flood and the huge quantities of leaves and tree matter laden with bacteria swishing around with the shells and corals, and the resulting rapid deposition of new limestone as the water saturated new rocks begin to drain dry the rapid cave formation, and the very rapid stalactite formation which followed.

Praise the Lord Jesus with us for these fabulous results and continuing research on limestone which has already led to one skeptic being saved when he realised he was lied to. Continue your support for these costly yet vital experiments. YOUR FINANCIAL SUPPORT OF OUR RESEARCH IS GREATLY APPRECIATED. WEB GIVE click (tax deductible in the USA and UK) DONATE NOW