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As listed in stalactite report 7our young UK colleague Joseph, found a huge stalactite over the top of a big stalagmite (nearly one metre across) which included petrified leaves, under a railroad bridge built in the 1930’s, we decided to modify our Jurassic Ark stalactite machine (below) to see if we could also produce fossilised leaves …. rapidly! The results are in – YES! Success has been achieved. Not in 2 million years, not in 2 years – but in less than 2 months.

We started by putting leaves under a dripping stalactite, but often as not, they blow away. Then we noticed leaves were not only blown out, they were also blown in, and these ones were more likely to be trapped. The resulting pictures taken over two months (below) show some leaves now totally encased from the stalactite drip, producing a leafy stalagmite deposit. So yes, you can produce fossil leaves under a railway bridge – and now we know how. Again, it doesn’t take time, it takes the right process. We are also making beautifully clear calcite which is being deposited on our fossil leaves. It is more great evidence that you don’t need time, but you do need the right process, and the more efficient the process the less time you need.

Our great fossil leaf results are being shared on Instagram (above) Link Instagram

It also adds to our new observations (below) from the 2018 UK field trip where we took folk to see leaves from this year’s trees being cemented into a brand-new limestone deposit. These fossil leaves are less than 1 year old. What fabulous discoveries Jesus is leading us to. Continue to praise His Holy Name.

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