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UK HIPPO FOSSIL FIND BY JOE HUBBARD SLAMS CLIMATE CHANGE WARMERS as Joe excavated a small hippo-like mammal jaw (Elomeryx porcinus) (1) from the Isle of Wight (the Hamsted Beds). Joe reports: ‘Buried in the same beds are hippos, crocodiles, turtles and lizards. None of which live in the UK today. The reason? It’s too cold! So at some point in the UK’s past it was warm enough to sustain tropical creatures, but now it’s not. Even though we’re currently warming up, it’s still got a long way to go until it gets back to crocodile-temperatures! Earth’s climate is cyclical for sure – just like God promised Noah it would be! See Genesis 8:22. The fossil will also make a wonderful display piece for our UK Museum’s Project.
(2) Crinoids just look like plants, but more accurately they are upside down starfish like creatures attached to the floor of the ocean by a long stem with a hold-all at one end. Their arms wave around and collect particles of food so they really do look like a field of lilies. This perfectly preserved “mess“ of sea lilies is definite evidence of rapid catastrophic flood type formation. Praise the Lord for so many examples of this that are being made available for our UK Museum project.

(3) WOW that’s a huge TITE and it’s now in our UK MUSEUM. It’s origin was many many years ago in China and it is some 2m long. But then given the rate at which stalactites grow in the stalactite machine we invented, it doesn’t represent millions of years and is scarcely even thousands of years old. But you’re right – you haven’t seen such a big stalactite in any museum. What a blessing for Creation Research.
(4) What’s the kids favourite dinosaur after T-rex ? The answer is usually Velociraptor out of the Jurassic Park movies. Two great models have just been given to our UK Museum. They are brightly and imaginatively coloured and Joseph loves them both. But next time you see a Velociraptor, either in the movies or museums, point out that Spielberg’s big imagination turned a turkey sized fossil into a mega bite monster that kills everything. Why was Velociraptor was chosen? Simply because it’s so easy for kids to say. Full credit to Spielberg for creative genius – but a real low grade for his accuracy. DONATE NOW