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WANT A EXCITING FACT FINDING FIELD TRIP IN YOUR AREA? You organise the crowd, We organise the rocks. From one day to one week.

There are varieties of FIELD TRIPS. Field trip Costs World Wide click COSTS

A. Half Day (3 to 4 hours including meal breaks).
B. Home School days (9.30 am to 2.30pm.)
C. School Field Trips ( school hours).
D. Public Day Trips (8.30 am. to sunset).
E.  Multi-Day Trips
F. Jurassic Ark Field Trips

If you would like Creation Research to conduct a FIELD TRIP for your group email info@creationresearch or phone +61 7 3206 4467 / 0418 474 792

Field Trips are a great way of collecting real evidence showing Creation is true and evolution is false. For our ONE DAY fossil field trips, you organise the group, the transport, the starting place and we organise the locations in your area or nearby. Enjoy a healthy day out, collect marvellous rocks and fossils where specimen taking is permitted and learn much about God’s wonderful creation.

Click to view some of our previous exciting Field Trips below:

AUSSIE CREATION MUSEUM JURASSIC ARK. HISTORYTHEN AND NOW… the whole world needs to see the evidence Gods word is true from the very Beginning.

AUSSIE CREATION MUSEUM JURASSIC ARK near Gympie, Year 9 High school students school trip.

SEVENTY PLUS HOME SCHOOLERS hit a bush quarry in the Adelaide hills with the Creation Guy in the cool wet muddy aftermath of the deluges…

INTO THE EARTH AND OUT A VOLCANO. Quarry – Jurassic and Triassic regions of southern Queensland.

GLADEVILLE BAPTIST FIELD TRIP had some 45 highschoolers out for our 8th March field trip.

CANADA – Martin Legemaate. There was so much interest in this year’s fossil trip that I had to schedule two more additional Saturdays…

MT. GAMBIER. Some 50 people spent a cool moist day exploring the volcanic rocks and limestones of the Mt Gambier
region near the Victorian border in South Australia.

AUSSIE GOLD FIELD SUCCESS as a great crowd joined us for a full day’s excursion into the old Victorian gold fields.

HUNSTANTON UK field Trip to the east coast of the UK to a location called Hunstanton. 

MISSING MILLIONS ON KANGAROO ISLAND as field trip visits great deposits of fossil shell
beds which are easy for the layman to recognize since virtually all specimens in the bed still exist today.

TEACHER FIELD TRIP SUCCESS as a group came out with John Mackay on a bitterly cold
Saturday in NSW, while it snowed on the hills nearby.