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There was so much interest in this year’s fossil trip that I had to schedule two more additional Saturdays for the overflow of interested people. The first trip on the 24th of September went well with beautiful Autumn weather and over 30 people in attendance. Our first site (above), a working limestone quarry but of course not working on Saturdays! After a safety lesson everyone headed over to the rocks with fossil identification sheet in hand to see what they could find.

Trilobite bits were found almost immediately because I tipped them off that they were primarily located in blue rock. Crinoid stems were also found which is fairly rare in this Gull River Formation of rocks. People today learned that there were two types of fossil creatures, extinct ones as in the trilobite, and living fossils as in the crinoid. Both are no help to the theory of evolution. A) Crinoids are still alive today and as Genesis 1 says they “Produced after their own kind”. B) Trilobites are extinct. If evolution were true we should be gaining species not losing them.
Folks were also fascinated when striking black rock. It gave off an oily smell. The existence of black oil shale indicates a quick and deep burial of plant and animal matter. If evolution’s slow burial were true, we would have no oil in the world and no fossils for that matter. Everything would have rotted away!

In the conclusion at the end of the day people learned of the size of these rock beds (Simcoe Super Group) they were digging in that they stretch across much of North America. These beds and the rock layers worldwide fit nicely with the Noah’s flood account in the Bible. Sadly only 8 went through the door of the Ark and were saved. The group was reminded today (with a few amens) that now Jesus claims He is the door and if anyone enters by Him, they will be saved (John 10:9a). The consequences of not going through either door was and will be catastrophic! I must have been very thorough in my presentation because at the final Q and A time no one had a question!

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