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… the whole world needs to see the evidence Gods word is true from the very Beginning
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History of Jurassic Ark – In the mid 1990s Creation Research found evidence of buried fossil logs near Gympie, Queensland Australia. Slide show displaying 30 photos which auto runs.

Our thorny garden illustrating Genesis Chapter 3 is vital in teaching people the real history of the world. Not evolution, but devolution! Notice the fossil evidence (below middle right). We are one of the world’s few museums with fossil thorns on display, which John Mackay found in Canada. The tiny fossil footprint is from a baby dinosaur that was walking through mud rapidly dumped above the fossil thorn layer. NB – This is key! There were no thorns on the planet until after Adam sinned. Therefore these fossil thorn bearing rocks are younger than Adam. And the dino prints above the thorn layer didn’t get fossilised until after Adam sinned. Your support is needed to make these vital points to a fallen world that needs to be saved, not just from thorns or prickles, but from the sin which caused these problems. Be mightily blessed as you read down the pages of this “Then and Now Report” of what’s been happening at Jurassic Ark. Thank you, thank you for your prayers, and financial support, and all who’ve helped on site. It is becoming a world class facility and schools are now visiting several days at a time.

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The Aussie Creation Museum is just outside Gympie, 2 hours north of Brisbane Airport. Enjoy a fabulous day out in God’s creation, and see the real history of the world in the evidence of the flood, Creation, Babel, and beyond. See directions PDF

John Vuleta (left) was our first worker at Jurassic Ark and did a great job starting this garden. By 2014 Gary Watterson had installed a watering system, and by 2017 it’s amazing. God told Adam to multiply and fill the earth, to tend it, and exercise dominion over it (Genesis 1:28, 2:15). Our Jurassic Ark garden is an example of what can be achieved when you do that. Even the Greenies have to admit our carbon footprint is in reverse, despite the nonsense they talk about climate change and evolution. Our living fossil garden makes a very simple point. Visitors who come to see the fossils and excavate them, usually recognise the fossil logs, but don’t know the type. So we planted this garden to show there is no evolution! The fossil ones were, what the living ones are. Our sign states Darwin invented the term ‘living fossils’ which are still the evolutionist’s biggest problem. Fossils are the same as living ones, unless they died out. No evidence for evolution, but for reproduction after its kind, overlaid with degeneration and extinction. Pray for schools that see the overwhelming evidence the Bible is true.
THREE NEW PORTRAITS have been added to our Donor Tree at Jurassic Ark which celebrates those who have been major helpers or sponsors. Fred was our builder for many years and was incapacitated last year by a stroke, in his mid-80s. Neil has been a real blessing in supporting the ministry, particularly after the devastating floods of 2011. Bob was a helper in the field where he assisted for many years with students and public. His wide-spread prospecting around Castlemaine produced many specimens for our Creation Museum. Praise the Lord with us for these helpers and join them in sponsoring the Aussie Creation Museum Jurassic Ark. web give DONATE NOW.


1. POLYSTRATE TREE MURAL (below) by our former staff member Natalie, features some of the many fossil polystrate trees John Mackay has found over the years of Creation Research. It makes a wonderful background to our polystrate tree tank experiment (bottom right), which gets great response from adults and students alike as it shows how quickly trees sink vertically. Our new mural shows identical fossil trees found in rock layers, which also sank vertically and were rapidly buried upright. Again, not time, but process!

The key point of our first section at Jurassic Ark is to remind people that the Lord Jesus Christ, who created the universe in just six days, didn’t need millions of years, because He used the right process. Our first ‘experiments’ section illustrates that the evidence is not against the six days of Creation, it’s the rebellious heart and mind of men wanting to get rid of God, and substitute time in His place. Click to see videos of Polystrate Tree Experiments in action


2. NEW DINO FLOOD MURAL. One of our popular artists Ann Squires (UK), has put together a brilliant new mural showing the reality of global fossil evidence with definitive proof that dinosaurs have been drowned. Notice how the mural progresses from UK’s Jurassic Coast (left), through to John Mackay and Joseph Hubbard at the actual site, with the dinosaur fossil below, in a classic drowned pose, while the living dinosaurs on the right edge are becoming trapped in a flood deposit during Noah’s Deluge. We know for sure that when reptiles with long necks and tails drown, their back muscles spasm and their neck jerks backwards, their tails jerk up. But only if they are then buried quickly will they become fossils showing the classic ‘drowned pose’. Not only evidence of flood drowning but of rapid flood burial on a huge scale.


Our Eden Garden has gone from a barren, sandy block in 2010 to a lush garden in 2017. Our toughest problem with this dry clay-rich, sandy, poor soil was not only the lack of nutrition, but the almost total absence of worms. We struggled with Eden until we mastered the art of getting worms to survive. Makes a good point: the evolutionists foolishly want to evolve single cells into worms and other single cells into plants – step by step, millions of years apart – but! – you can’t have worms without plants and you can’t have plants without worms. Worms eat plant debris, while plants depend on worms to fertilise the soil. God’s system was “all at once!” Not over seven years like our Eden Garden, and not even 7 days. God the Creator had His Eden ready by the sixth day of Creation, and no thorns. Our sin and the thorns of judgement are here to drive us back to God through the Saviour who was crowned with thorns as he died to pay for our sin that caused the thorns. How vital it is that students know God made everything good



Orchid Display

Home school families were the first to view our most spectacular yet weird display of Stanhopea orchid (above named after Lord Stanhope). It flowers down through its roots, so to get a good view, you need to get under the plant and look up. Stanhopea orchid flowers produce ‘bagged’ pollen and fragrant smells to attract insects, but the pollen ‘bag’ is not in an easy place for any visiting bee to collect. It sits on the bottom end of a long, curved column that projects over the front of this ‘upside down’ flower. So how does it work?

This flower makes no nectar, but produces a fragrant oil that attracts bright blue male Euglossine bees, which have special brushes on their legs to gather the oil. The bees fly into the centre of the orchid and land where the oil is secreted, but are soon overwhelmed by chemicals in the fragrance. Their back legs collapse, then the bee slips and falls backwards through the sloped hangdown flower and bumps against the pollen on the bottom of the curved column. A strong quick setting ‘orchid’ glue instantly holds the pollen bag on the one region a bee can’t scratch it off – the middle of its back. Yes, God thought of super glue long before we did. He also did His sums on gravitational attraction and rates of fall etc, so don’t be surprised that the falling bee wakes up before gravity dashes it into the dirt, and happily flies off to deliver its ‘pollen pack’ to another Stanhopea flower. Overall, a wonderful testimony to God’s genius in design, and fabulous proof God really does have a sense of humour. DONATE TO THIS PROJECT web give DONATE NOW.


Why show a picture of a single gum tree around 50 metres tall (164 feet)? We use it to get visitors to figure out how big Noah’s Ark was. If it was built using the ordinary cubit, (half a metre 18 inches), the Ark at 300 cubits long was at least three times the size of this tree. The biggest cubit measurement was the sacred cubit of almost a metre (3 feet). We really don’t know which cubit Noah used. If it was the big one, the Ark was 6 times the size of this tree, making it longer than our total Jurassic Ark museum. An impressive boat indeed! Noah would have had no trouble fitting all the creatures on the Ark, two by two. Even today, you can fit two of each kind of creature on a boat 2/3 of the size of the Queen Mary and have plenty of room left.


The Fossil Petrified Trees (below) at Jurassic Ark are a reminder of vast forests of pines that have been ripped up, carried along, dumped and buried before they rotted. A true Flood deposit. Your donations give us time to do this work, cover the costs of expensive metal stands strong enough to hold up petrified trees, and even enable us to teach the next generation how to rebuild newly excavated trees at Jurassic Ark.

Petrified? What’s it mean? Most people think ‘petrified’ means ‘fossil’, but you can be a fossil without being petrified. Fossil leaves can be just a carbon imprint in a grey shale. Fossil wood can be preserved without being turned to stone, such as you find in Victoria’s brown coal deposits. But petrified does mean ‘turned to stone’. So don’t forget – you can be a fossil without being petrified, but you can’t be petrified without being a fossil. And guess who played with this word? Answer: the Lord Jesus Christ when He said to Peter, “You are the rock”. (Matthew 16:18). He was playing with the Greek meaning of Peter’s name – Petros – a stone. These fossil trees are great Bible instructors too. They have been Peter-refied. They also remind us of the One who became the Rock of our Salvation, who was hung on a tree in shame bearing God’s judgement for our sin. The fossil trees are wonderful evidence of a world judged by God’s with the Flood during Noah’s day.