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Our FIELD TRIP REPORTS are from around the world by The Creation Guy John Mackay and the Creation Research Team make it so obvious to the layman so they have no trouble seeing the truth of God’s work in God’s world. Bookmark this page for further reports. FLOOD RESEARCH REPORTS

Our Field Trip to the east coast of the UK to a location called Hunstanton  was lead by our newest member Joseph pictured in the camos (left). Finds of the day included a fragment of a WW2 bomb shell (below left) which had started to erode and in doing so had cemented the stone onto it forming a “concretion” which illustrated the point that cementing a rock together does not take time but a process. The millions of years is purely imaginary, but it forms a very popular wall for people to hide behind when you are telling them about the Saviour Jesus who is also the Creator. Pray for Joseph and other young men around the world the Lord Jesus is raising up to carry on this ministry of evangelism to students and to academics.

WANT A EXCITING FACT FINDING FIELD TRIP IN YOUR AREA? You organise the crowd, We organise the rocks. From one day to one week.

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