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Our FIELD TRIP REPORTS are from around the world by The Creation Guy John Mackay and the Creation Research Team make it so obvious to the layman so they have no trouble seeing the truth of God’s work in God’s world. Bookmark this page for further reports. FIELD TRIP REPORTS 

Part of our ministry is teaching students that Jesus told the truth when he stated the rocks cry out the praises of God. This aim is really helped along by local quarry owners who give us permission to take students and public into safe quarry faces so people can actually look inside the Earth. These are a great opportunity to share the things of God in what He made at creation plus what He destroyed during Noah’s Flood, plus the evidence God’s Word is the real history of the planet Earth. Come along on these digs and learn just how much Satan has deceived man with millions of years and evolution.

Several days of homeschool field trips during August took us to great exposures showing earths history where families saw undeniable evidence of the flood based rapid catastrophic build up of massive layers in what are called the Jurassic and Triassic regions of southern Queensland.

Part 2 OF THE DAY WAS TO WALK THROUGH A VOLCANO. The darkness of the rocks made for some fabulous collecting as they were full of gas bubbles that had formed during the melting of the rocks and their expulsion from the earth. Some lovely green crystals of olivine were collected as well as a strange crystallised material not yet identified.
We climbed a steep hill to get there, but all came away with one observation – neither the sediments, nor the volcanic rocks showed any evidence of vast time …after all volcanoes don’t do slow, and neither do flood waters which build up sediment. We have all been lied to about how long rocks take to form and how old earth is. Support us us as we minster to the young and young at heart as well as university sceptics who all need to know that God was there in the beginning and he doesn’t make up scientific theories, He just tells that truth.

WANT A EXCITING FACT FINDING FIELD TRIP IN YOUR AREA? You organise the crowd, We organise the rocks. From one day to one week.

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