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Starting at the fabulous Blue Lake (below 1), some 50 people spent a cool moist day exploring the volcanic rocks and limestones of the Mt Gambier
region near the Victorian border in South Australia.

1. This volcanic crater lake is famous for changing colour from blue to grey with the seasons.


2. The volcanic ash (grey above) was violently ejected and dumped on the surronding limestone.


3. In many places the ash layers sit directly on the fossil rich limestone showing the limestone had not been
exposed to erosion for any great amount of time.


4. Not only did we find that the limestones show abundant evidence that fossil scallops (picture 3) have turned into present day scallops
(haven’t evolved in all the supposed 35 million years evolutionists’ think it took to form the limestone). Scallops have provably produced their own kind.


5.The limestone bed is approximately 300m thick and is commonly quarried for decorative blocks. The 300m thick bed of limestone
was supposedly deposited over 35 million years, but it provably did not take that long to be laid down.


6. How do we know? It’s simple – just divide 300m by 35 million to find out how much rock was laid down each year.


7. The answer is1/116 mm per year, which means it would have taken some 200 years to bury the smallest scallop, so no fossils
would have been preserved at all.The evidence certainly supports rapid rock formation and does not help the old earth theory.

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