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Our FIELD TRIP REPORTS are from around the world by The Creation Guy John Mackay and the Creation Research Team make it so obvious to the layman so they have no trouble seeing the truth of God’s work in God’s world. Bookmark this page for further reports. FIELD TRIP REPORTS

TEACHER FIELD TRIP SUCCESS as a group came out with John Mackay on a bitterly cold Saturday in NSW, while it snowed on the hills nearby. We researched rocks near Newcastle Australia, for evidence of rapid flood deposition and evidence that animals and plants always reproduced “after their own kind”. On the right are organisers Mark Wilton and Michael Cossgrove, who enjoyed seeing a vertical (or polystrate) fossil tree in Newcastle sediments. What is amazing is that many of these upright fossil trees are pine trees, yet the rocks around them are full of leaves from totally different trees. World famous geologist, Sir Edgeworth David, noticed this long ago and sadly it has been blatantly ignored ever since by those who claim that these fossil trees grew in place and slowly got buried. But many of the tree fossils not only lack branches as well as leaves, they lack roots as well so they couldn’t have grown there.
On the right hand side (below) is a specimen of a giant horsetail rush. These plants are extinct in Australia although mini – horsetail rushes (below left) live in the Northern Hemisphere. The fossils show they used to be up to 100 feet or 30m tall. Thanks to all the volunteers who helped us carry many specimens up cliffs, so they could be put into the Creation Research Mega Museum. Keep praying and keep supporting DONATE NOW.

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