Select any underlined category below to print out revelant information brochures to use in promoting creation research meetings in your area. for cost of any meetings / field trips / seminars in your area.


FREE GENERAL FULL COLOUR PUBLICITY PDF BROCHURES TO PROMOTE JOHN MACKAY AND CREATION RESEARCH IN YOUR AREA as A5 size 210mm x 148mm and A4 size 210mm x 297mm these brochures come as high or low resolution PDF's for you to print or save.
PERSONEL PHOTOGRAPHS FOR PUBLICITY: John Mackay, click here for a full Biography, Promo Pics
HOME SCHOOL FAMILY FUN DAYS (Select Topic 1, 2 or 3). Please advise us which topic you are advertising at least 2 weeks prior to your meeting. 1. Family Fun Day Genesis PDF  2. Noah's Flood PDF   3. Babel & Beyond PDF
HOME SCHOOL HIGH SCHOOL (Select Topic 4 or 5) - 4. The Age of the Earth PDF 5. The Origin of Life PDF

FIELD TRIPS: A Fossil Finding Fun Field Trip PDF

These brochures may be freely printed from the web for your use in promoting Creation Research meetings in your area. You will need to add time, place and phone number details. Copyright of each brochure remains the property of Creation Research. Brochures are listed alphabetically below. If you have any trouble down loading these from the web they are available as JPEG file by contacting asking for advertising brochure by name and number. Some of the following brochures have TEXT BOXES where you can type on screen local details for your own purposes prior to printing. Please advise us which topic you are advertising at least 2 weeks prior to your meeting.
PUBLIC MEETINGS: Available Topics all in PDF format
1. Climate Change & Creation available as high resolution PDF or low resolution PDF 
2. Dinosaurs - the untold story 
3. Exposing Evolution - Proving Creation A. 
4. Exposing Evolution - Proving Creation B. 
5. Ever wonder if there might be - A case for Creation
6. If Adam was a black man, where did all you white folks come from 
7. Limitations of Science 
8. Noah - The Ark - The Flood - The Evidence 
9. Real Roots - The true history of the one human race. 
10. The Rock Solid Evidence of Creation.
11. The Six Days of Creation. 
12. There were Giants in the land.

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