Stalactite Report No. 11 - LAST MINUTE  SUCCESS 20/03/2019

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Tite Machine new

The most common criticism of our stalactite machine experiments has been that the rapid growth is coming only from the concrete, and does not mimic any natural process found in caves.

For several years we have attempted to investigate this criticism by designing cement free stalactite machines. Above is our first real success, where the PVC pipe contains only crushed limestone, plant matter and dam water.

Tite success1

The 1cm stalactite resulted after one weeks growth. It was tested with hydrochloric acid and fizzed proving it was made of calcium carbonate, the same material in cave stalactite and stalagmites. Since limestone has very low solubility in water, it is obviously the organic material (leaves) and associated bacteria, that are speeding up the process. Remember our key point has been - it's not about time, it's all about process!

Tite success2 

When you've got the right process, you don't need the wrong long time.

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Cover June web

These results just made it into our new book Tites', Mites' and fossil fights available April.

It's conversational – to the point – challenging – and sometimes provocative! The global snapshot style uses a common theme to thread challenges together, so you don't just learn what to think, but how to think.

Author John Mackay, takes us round the planet using evidence photos he and his colleagues have taken worldwide. You will love the locations, and the short sharp conversational style. It's as if John was in the room chatting with you, as he focuses your mind on the challenges of real research.

Very helpful in a world where people are tempted to think everything in the universe happened through the interaction of matter, time and energy alone, which actually dulls our ability to gain useful scientific information by testing for truth and the rejection of error.

This work will be especially helpful to those who are asking questions about the creation, the age of the earth, or Noah's Flood and the Biblical record as real history.

You will find this work a real benefit in telling the difference between good science and bad science, a skill increasingly needed in our modern world. And through it all John makes no attempt to hide the fact that his chief motivation is the One who is the Truth ..Jesus Christ.     

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