This mobile museum was first established by Creation Research in March 2004 with its first showcase in Ajax Ont. at Westney Heights Baptist Church. We held our first ‘museum birthday tour’ since the Ontario Creation Research Museum building was renovated in October 2018. Starting with an opening introduction to fossils, then a guided tour and a competition where people searched for answers in the displays. A fantastic trilobite prize was given to the person who was first with all the correct answers, then it was time for birthday cake and a grand finale Norland Quarry fossil hunt.



Martin Legemaate led a June fossil trip to Norland Quarry. Fossil trips are always popular, and thanks to the Lord for answering prayers and providing fantastic sites. This hands on way to learn about fossils, creation and the flood enables people to easily see that evidence for evolution is found only in the minds of men! God’s handiwork is every where and yes, everyone gets to take home as many fossils as they can find! Between museum tours and fossil trips we were busy with research in quarries around Southern Ontario. More specimens for our museum such as a Giant Isotelus trilobite (above right) were found at St. Marys Quarry Bowmanville.

We need your support as COVID has left the ministry fund-limited, and our museum is just one small part of a massive project. Donations to any Creation Research Museum means you are supporting them all!