Genesis Answers – Parts 1-4 (Video)


In Genesis Answers, you’ll find information on many topics relating to the first book of the Bible. Dr. Paul Blackham was Associate Minister & Theological Advisor at All Souls, Langham Place London, when he became aware that unbelievers had many questions about Genesis that stopped them listening to the Gospel. So he asked John Mackay and Dr. Diane Eager to help him prepare a series of Q & A sessions for use in evangelism and Bible Study groups. Now you can join Paul, John and Diane as they discuss the latest evidence on “Creation in Six Days? Isn’t the earth millions of years old? Haven’t fossils proved life evolved? How could all human races come from one man? Does Genesis really matter for the gospel?” and many more questions. Covers Creation, Noah’s Flood and the Tower of Babel, and how they relate to the real world of geology, biology and history. The good news is there are answers.

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Genesis Answers – Parts 1-4

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