Worms and Germs plus Special Bonus


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The origin of disease and viruses has sometimes been a great challenge to Christians wanting to believe in an original good creation. But how do we reconcile awful disease with a God of love who made a good creation? Explaining deadly Ebola viruses and even more common arthritis problems is a real Biblical challenge. You’ll learn the fascinating answers to these and similar questions as John Mackay and Dr Diane Eager present a thoroughly Biblical approach to these issues. Also available as a DVD. TO ORDER DVD contact info@creationresearch.net

Evidence of design is to be seen everywhere in nature. From amazing human body and its complex inter-related biological systems to the astounding diversity of life all over the planet! Join the UK’s Dr Alastair Noble of Strathclyde University as he shares the wonders and evidence of God’s design all around us!

Dr Alastair Noble has been a high-school chemistry teacher, advisor, schools inspector and educational administrator. Dr Noble has also worked on educational programs for the BBC and other official outlets. He is convinced that the evidence is against evolution and points to the designer.